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The Importance of Good Web Strategy alignment

24/7 representation of your organization

24/7 Representative

Your website represents your university 24 hours a day, every day. It’s the intersection of marketing and IT, enrollment and advancement, student life and alumni relations, and so on. A representative that works this hard should be supported.
Protect your digital investments

Protect Your Investments

Web governance is what fuels your website’s engine. Staffing, infrastructure, processes, tools and, yes, budgets, are all aspects of Web governance. Gaps in any of these areas can be the proverbial wrench and are a risk to your Web investments.
Find the right fit

Find the Right Fit

The scale or size of your website will drive the activities required to manage it and the resources needed to perform those activities. That’s why Web governance varies by university. You need a framework that fits your unique needs and objectives.
Focus on objectives

Focus on Objectives

Higher ed Web governance frees you up to focus on strategic objectives. You’ll be able to plan for the future instead of putting out fires in the present. Web governance brings order to your Web operations and puts you on the path to success.

Need some validation?


of schools have a strategic plan to guide their digital properties


of high school seniors say a college website affects their perception of an institution


of high school seniors have looked at a college website in the last seven days


of institutions allocated more to interactive than previous years

Do you feel comfortable about your web strategy based on these numbers?

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