Although the needs and features of each institutions programs may differ, there are certain attributes that are commonly needed by prospective students. If you’re looking for ideas on where to start with your pages try using this blueprint and reap the rewards.

Anatomy of a Perfect Academic Program PagePage features to consider:

  1. Use compelling images that relate to the program

    Use active images that shows hands-on use of the degree’s subject matter. Use people if possible. Otherwise, consider using visual materials that students use in their studies

  2. Find your unique value proposition

    Find the most unique and differentiating features of your program. Ideas to pull from include:

    A well known faculty member
    A feature that will make you more marketable post-graduation
    A top ranking from a journal or organization
    Is your degree accelerated? Online?

  3. Engaging description that speaks to “You”

    Create conversational and audience focused copy that speaks to “You”, avoid institutional speak. Talk about what the student can do, not what “we” will do.

  4. Calls  to action – what do you want them to do?

    We are creating optimized programs pages because we want to drive a student to take an action. Be it, apply to this program or request more information about this program.

    Make it obvious and clear what the next step is.

  5. Gather supporting media and data

    Curate various types of content that can be engaged through different mediums. They can be another unique opportunity to share program points of pride.

  6. Add profiles to help them visualize their future

    Use students and faculty to tell their experiences with your program. Help students get a feel for the place. Faculty are useful for graduate programs and those where there is a faculty research component.

  7. Identify content that answers outstanding questions

    SEO optimized content that answers questions related to life after school, what they might study, who might teach them. SEO gets people to your page, then you have to answer their questions.