Our Services for Web Governance in Higher Education

Have your Web resources kept pace with your Web objectives?

On one side, you have a growing number of users, multiple platforms and aging technologies. On the other, you have ambitious enrollment goals, rising user expectations and multiple audiences to address. It can be challenging to navigate. But, all is not lost. By researching your options, you’ve taken the first step toward a positive change in course.

Web governance in higher education may look different from campus to campus, but its fundamentals remain the same. It’s the way by which you align your Web people, processes and tools. That’s where we come in. We’ll be your guide on the path to efficient Web operations.

Heres how we can help


Web team efficiency

We’ll survey your Web team operations with a fresh perspective. Based on our findings, we’ll map your Web team’s people and projects to your strategic goals.

Web leadership development

Without confident leadership your Web team will veer off track. We work with Web directors and managers to develop their unique leadership talents.

Training / staff development

Through specialized professional development plans, we’ll train team members in the skills they need to meet the current operational needs.

Talent search / aquisition

Need help finding and hiring Web talent? We do that too.

Managed web support services

Provide day-to-day maintenance so you can focus on strategic development

Process/ Policies

Web governance

We want to get to know you. Through on-campus visits, we’ll examine your university’s Web operations–staffing, policies, resources and infrastructure–to identify any gaps, boost efficiency and provide a framework for long term collaborative web operations.

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Web site/ digital strategy audit

We’ll review your website’s design, organization, user experience and content. Based on Web best practices in higher education, we’ll make recommendations for improvements.

Project management

Having issues executing a key digital project? We can help guide your initiative to implementation relying on our experience of web, marketing and technology related projects.

Accessibility audit

Do you know if your website is ADA compliant? We’ll identify any ADA compliance issues on your site and make a plan for immediate fixes and long-term compliance.


CMS selection

Higher education has specific content management needs. We understand. Let us assist you in identifying the right content management system for your organization.

Digital tool audit

Every job is easier when you have the right tools. We’ll help your Web team find efficiencies by identifying the necessary digital tools that will ensure their success.

Web standards compliance tools

Want to protect your investment in an ongoing way? We will help you find tools to better manage and maintain your website to  ensure your work continues to stay compliant

See something missing?

Want a road map to success for your school’s digital future?

Wonder how to better align your Web resources?

Need the EXPEDITED path?

Our kick start method to addressing major campus web issues quickly