I have been involved in web in higher ed for many years. I have seen great strides made in adopting new technologies, aligning to web best practices. There are now design and development techniques where higher ed practitioners are leading the way. With all these great advancements there is one area where most all institutions all fall short.

Web Governance in higher education

By that I don’t mean a pie in the sky idealized state where we all have all the resources on earth and we have a person for each individualized skill. What I mean is alignment of resources and staff to most appropriately reach your campus strategic goals. We still have rogue units (I don’t mean teams of one that play nice) and people who operate in spite of the standards that campus is looking to adopt.

You can use various analogies like crabs in a bucket or herding cats but I hope, via this platform, to shed some light on how to get to that pie in the sky where we all work collaboratively on reaching our campus goals.

All of higher ed is feeling the crunch and we must be good stewards of our resources.

  • We owe it to our organizations,
  • we owe it to our students
  • we owe it to ourselves

Expect to hear more shortly…